This Is Not a Test (Except When It Is)

The last two weeks have been pretty intense—lots to do for both of my classes, super busy at HBS… feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s kind of funny to work at a university while attending a university (two, in fact!)—though my courses and interests and career goals are very different from those of a Harvard Business School student, we all share the same anxiety about doing well and the same intense desire to learn all we can. I’ve helped prepare the mid-terms and the feedback letters, and now I get to schedule appointments for them to meet with the faculty to figure out how to improve. I’ll never know what it’s like to be an HBS student, exactly, but boy do I empathize with their panic.

And now we’re moving into simulation season—a piece of the HBS curriculum that is pretty hilarious and fun to witness. The simulations are very obvious examples of the engaging learning experiences we’ve been discussing in class, and even though they’re meant to be somewhat simplistic and silly (one of them is based on a beer supply chain!), the principles are absolutely applicable to real-life scenarios. At some point I should pick the brains of some of the faculty in my unit on how they design these simulations and how the case method was developed—as learner engagement is a HUGE priority at a competitive business school and could provide some great insights into how learning theory is applied in this environment.


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