Bad Behavior(ism)

I have mentioned in a few places already that I am not a huge fan of behaviorism—it has its place, for sure, but as an extraordinarily sensitive kid, the black-and-white RIGHT or WRONG of skill-and-drill scenarios made me self-conscious and nervous… which led me to panic and perform poorly… which made me feel stupid… which made me self-conscious and nervous… and on and on. That performance anxiety has stuck with me, and it was definitely a factor in my decision to leave behind occupational therapy as a career path.

Of course, being hyper-analytical like I am has its drawbacks—it’s not always a good thing to be able to pick apart every detail of every little thing, turning it upside down and inside out, being able to make an argument for or against every possible theory or outcome. How do you know what the “right” answer is when everything is the same shade of gray? And yet somehow I manage to be incredibly self-righteous and opinionated when the right topic comes up…

I’m quite tired as I write this, so I have no idea if I’m making any sense. I guess my point is that humans are complicated, and behaviorism reads to me as being far too black-and-white, far too limiting and limited, for so much of what we learn and experience day-to-day.


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